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About Idrottens ledarbank

Idrottens ledarbank is a tool for sports associations to find new leaders and coaches and for adolescents to address their availability and willingness to be leaders or coaches in these sports associations. We hope this website will make it easier for adolescents who want to become a leader or coach to find a sports association who need their help. Idrottens ledarbank is free to use for all sports associations in Jämtland-Härjedalen and individuals as well. Idrottens ledarbank is created by Jämtland-Härjedalens sports federation funded by Allmänna arvsfonden.

The main function of Idrottens ledarbank is the advertising tool where sports associations can address their need of leaders and coaches at the same time as individuals can address their wish to become a leader or coach. By using this advertising tool you will reach a large group of individuals and sports associations from all around our county in a easy way.

Who can use idrottens ledarbank?

Idrottens ledarbank is open and free for everyone to use. The only requirement we have for sports associations is that they must be active in Jämtland-Härjedalen and be a registered member of Swedish sports federation (RF). However, during the project period (jan 2018-jan 2020) , the target groups is young people, 15-25 years, and adults with any disability. Unfortunately, many young people quit their participation early in sports associations and do not come back to it. We want to help sports associations try to keep those who quit as active participants by offering them a leadership role. For people who participate in parsports, there are generally few sports activities in our county. We want to help the sports associations find and locate adolescents of those who quit who want to engage in sports as a leader and give them meaningful leisure time, and at the same time help sports associations to carry out their activities.
After the projecttime, we hope that Idrottens ledarbank will be so established and used by both sides of the target groups that it can be further expanded and include ALL who have a desire and willingness to engage as a leader in any way in our sports associations.

Why sholud you use Idrottens ledarbank?


By engaging as a leader in a sports association, you get the chance to develop as an individual in a context where you at the same time help to help Children and adolescents to develop both as individuals and within their sport. You also get the opportunity to develop your leadership by leading a group and attending leadership and coaching courses through SISU The sports educators or one of the special sports federations your sports association belong to.

Buy using Idrottens ledarbank, you can find sports associations that are looking for leaders and coaches in a easier way than to call around to each association. If there is no sports association looking for what you want to do as a leader, you can also concretely describe this in an advertisement so that the sports associations can find you.

Did you know that many staff managers see leadership roles from sports as a major advantage in the employment of young people?

A survey from SIFO (Swedish Institute for Opinion Surveys) showed that many of the personnel managers interviewed reported that leadership roles from sports can be a decisive factor when hiring a young person with little or no previous work experience.

Two-thirds of the young people (aged 16-25) who participated in the survey and were working responded that the education they obtained from their sports association also proved usefull in their daily work, besides in their role as a sports leader.

Sports associations

It is very common that there are missing leaders and coaches in sports associations. It can be anything from being a coach in one of the association’s teams to being a functionary at a sports competition or working in the sports association’s board. With the advertising tool, sports associations can distinctly describe what they need help with in their activities and at the same time reach many people with their needs. By using Idrottens ledarbank, sports associations can beyond their sports association and their sport with their need for coaches and leaders. By reaching beyond their sports association, they can find people who are not involved in the sports movement today, but would like to be.


Sports association

All sports associations in Jämtland-Härjedalen who are a member of the Swedish sports federation can become members and use Idrottens ledarbank. To register your sports association you need to know your sports association number acquired from the Swedish sports federation (RF). To acquire your number contact the National sports federation. Once you have it you can register by using the registration blank on the website. We will handle your application as soon as possible. Within 24 hours you will receive an email with further information. Once you receive that email you will be able to use idrottens ledarbank. If you don´t hear from us within 24 hours after registration, please contact us at Every sports association can register one user account, if your association have several disciplines or sports you clarify in your advertise to wich of these sports you are looking for leader or coach to.


To register as an individual you use your first- and last name and email address. To register use the registration blank on the website. We will handle your application as soon as possible. Within 24 hours you will receive an email with further information. Once you receive that email you will be able to start using idrottens ledarbank. If you don´t hear from us within 24 hours after registration, please contact us at

One year after registration all users have to accept the we will continue handling and store your personal data. If you want to continue to use idrottens ledarbank you have to accept continued. If you don’t choose to accept with in 30 days your user account will be deleted and all information connected to your user account.


You can always deregister and have your user account deleted. When you deregister all information and personal data connected to your user account will be deleted. To deregister press ”ta bort konto” in the left side bar menu or contact us at and we will help you as soon as possible.


All visitors of idrottens ledarbank can read advertises published by sport associations without register membership. To read advertises published by individual members you need to register membership. Members can read all advertises and publish an advertise them self. To register membership klick here.

To publish an advertise you fill out the advertise template. The template will make it easier to find the mission you might look for or the individual that might be the one your association are looking for. Choosing sport and roll in the template in the advertise will find advertises from sports associations that match your advertise to find sports associations looking for individuals in the same role or same sport as in your advertise and the other way around.

The one and single purpose of the advertises is for individuals to find a role in a sports association or sports associations to find individuals to help them in the role they need to fill in their organisation.

When you are reading an advertise you can find advertises and news related to the sport and/or role you are looking for on the right side of your advertise. All published advertises will be viewed by our administrator. Advertises with other aim and/or content will be deleted by our administrator. Misuse of the website could lead to suspension.

Edit or delete advertise

To edit or delete your published advertise please contact us at and we will help you as soon as possible.

Roles in sports associations

The find advertises that are relevant to the kind of mission you are looking for or the role your sports association want to recruit you need to know the definitions of the roles leader and coach you can filter advertises after, role, sport or county. It is not always easy to separate the roles of leaders and coaches. Our definition of coach is: ”Coach is the individual leading the sport activity in practice”. Our definition of leader is: ”A leader is an individual that are making way for the sports activity, examples of leader roles are assistant, attendant, equipment manager, elected persons in the board of directors, drive people to practise, selling snacks etc”. Because leaders can have a wide range of tasks try to describe the role you are looking for or the role your sports association are looking till fill as detailed as possible in the head line and description of your advertise.

Sports categories

Every sport is categorized in to a group after the kind of sport like basketball is categorized in ballgames, ice-hockey in ice sports, alpine skiing in Snowsport tec. Below we have a list of all categories and some sports that belong i each category. If you don’t know which category your sport belong to or if it doesn’t fit in to any group, contact us at and we will help you.


Sports carried out on snow.

Example: Cross-country skiing, Biathlon, Downhill skiing, Alpine skiing, Bob, Luge


Sports involving some kind of ball

Example: Football, Floorball, Handball, Basketball, Volleyball


Sports carried out on ice

Example: Ice-hockey, Curling, Bandy, Figureskateing,


Sports carried out on two wheel viachles without an engine

Example: Mountainbike, Road bicycling, BMX, Downhill


Sports where you use a racquet

Example: Tennis, Badminton, Padeltennis, Table-tennis, Squash


Sports for individuals with some kind of disability

Example: Parahockey, Boccia, Golaball

Track and field

Example: Gymnastics, Track and field events,

Equestrian sport

Sports that use horses as a main part of the sport.

Example: Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, Polo

Water sports

Sports carried out on/in water.

Example: Waterpolo, Rowing, Canoeing, Diving, Swimming, Sailing

Material arts

Sports with a combat style

Example: MMA, Boxing, Kick-boxing, Judo, Jujutsu

Other sports

Sports that don’t fit in to any other of the sports categories.

Example: Orientation, Trailrunning, Powerlifiting, Crossfit, Dance, Ballet, Chess, Parashot jumping, Pool, Boule, Flysports, Golf, Fencing, Climbing.


Safety and responsibility for sports associations

All sports in Sweden intended for children and adolescents (up to 18 years of age regardless of amature or elite orientation) should be based on a child rights perspective. Having a child rights perspective means that sporting activities must have the rights of children and adolescents and the best in focus when decisions about the business are made by the sports association. By following the UN Convention on the Rights of the Children, which in 2020 becomes a law in Sweden, the Swedish sports movement has a child rights perspective.

To see if the sports association’s activities follow a children’s rights perspective, they can ask questions such as:
– Does the decision have consequences for children? (Do we prioritize senior activities that affect children and adolescents?)

– Does it have different consequences for different children? (Is the association’s tournament at an Islamic feast?)

– Have we thought about the child’s best, put the child’s best first? (we build the sports center from a single A-team or from the 25 boys and girls teams that use the sports center the most?)

– If the decision is better for children’s development, do we benefit the children? (Do children have to change training group?)

– Have we listened to children and adolescents? (Have we asked the question of what the children like to change the training group?)

– Are we weighing in their opinion in the decision? (If we get comments, do we listen to them and concider them before making the decision?)

– Do we tell children and adolescents about the decisions we make? (Who first knows which tournament the children should go on?)

More information on safe sports for children can be found at the national Sports federation (RF) website (To the Swedish Sports federation’s website).

Sports associations are an important environment where many children and adolescents are located. “We know that 9 out of 10 children and young people at some point during their childhood are members of a sports association. For the most part, the association is a positive environment where they can do what they like most and do it with friends. For some children and adolescents, the association is even a free zone; a place where they can be for a while and get away from what is perceived as difficult, for example in the home. From” Create safe sports environments “, the Swedish sports federation, January 2018.

“However, there is no guarantee that abusive treatment in any form cannot occur even in sport”. For children, adolescents and adults to want to come back, it is important to work to create safe sports environments in sports associations.

A good basis for creating safe sports environments is that the association’s board, coaches, leaders and members together work on values ​​that they follow and work towards and have action plans for different situations that may arise. If you need help and support in your work, you can turn to the book children’s play rules and / or safe sport on RF’s website.

Children’s gamerules

Swedish Sports federation –  safe sports environment

If you want to read more about the sports movement’s children’s rights perspective, visit the Swedish sports federation’s website and Save the children ‘s website if you want to read more about the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Save the Children- Convention of the rights of the Child

Swedish Sports association’s- children’s rights perspective

Idrottens ledarbank does not have the ability to control the people who choose to use Idrottens ledarbank, therefore we cannot take responsibility for the people you contact or for those who contact you through advertisements. In order for you to feel more secure with your leaders and coaches, we recommend that you start from the following checklist in your recruitment work.

Remember that a leadership assignment is a mission of trust. It is you within the association that decides who is suitable for different assignments. We recommend sports associations to think about the following things when you hire or assign a person different missions in your association:

– Request presentation of a limited excerpt from the criminalrecord from the Swedish police authority. The person orders his/her own extract via the police website (To the police website). Choose the excerpt: for work with children in activities other than school and childcare. In an excerpt for work with children in activities other than school and childcare, you can see if a person is convicted of crimes such as murder, murder, gross abuse, all sexual offenses, child pornography crimes and gross robbery. Crime such as speeding, p-fines or the like is not visible in this excerpt. Requesting the presentation of this limited excerpt from those who will work in your association is a step in creating a safe sports environment for children and young people in your association.

– Request references from previous assignments, employers etc. If the person previously had an assignment in a sports association, you can ask people in the current association how they experienced the person and ask questions about how this worked as a coach or leader.

– Educate your coaches and leaders. For the children, the association and the individual leader’s security, it is good to strive for all leaders to undergo general leadership training. Also give the coaches and leaders of the association the opportunity to deepen and train in their respective sports and other areas. Educational programs and in-depth material are available through the SISU sports educators (SISU sports educators)

– Always have two adults present at all children and youth activities. Being two present adults is a security for leaders and associations, and especially for the children. If you are at least two leaders / coaches with during training, you reduce the risk of children and adolescents being subjected to violations, discrimination and abuse. It also reduces the risk of misunderstanding. Keep in mind that never go away alone with a child or youth where others cannot see what is happening. Do you want to talk to a child or youth alone, take this on the side but in the same room where others can see what happens even if they cannot hear what is said. It is also both safer and more fun for the leaders to always be several adults during practice. Assign new leaders and coaches to an assignment together with one or more coaches and leaders who are in the club since earlier.

-Informing new coaches and leaders in the association about all the necessary information that helps to create a safe sports environment such as the association’s values, the association’s idea, the association’s action plans in different situations that can arise as bullying, harassment, threats from parent or other leader or coach mm


Publishing news

Sports associations have access to the function publish news. As a sports association you can publish a news if you have a game, competition, education or lecture you want to inform others about. The most recent published news will end up below the latest ads in the home page. You can sort and look for news based on sports categories using the filter. By publishing your news on idrottens ledarbank you will reach a large amount of sports associations and individuals completely free in an easy way with your information.

All published news will be viewed by the administrator of the website. News that are considered improper, according to the purpose of the news function, give our administrator the authority to remove the news.

A published news witch have been categorized with one of the sports categories can also be seen on the right side of an advertise as ”related news” when you are reading an advertise within the same sports category.

My pages

All registered members have access to my pages (”mina sidor”) located in the menu. On the page “mina sidor” you can change your public information like your biography. You can also publish advertises, publish news if registered as a sports association, among other things. Its optional how much and what information you want to show other users. However, there are only registered members that can view your profile. You can write your biography here which is information about who you are that might be relevant for other members to know about you. By sending a friend requests to a member you can contact them by a message/chat function as they accept your request. You can write messages to all your member friends, both individuals and sport associations.


All registered members can be found under the members page. There you can sort them by individuals or associations, sports category or after county depending on what you are looking for. Here you can see all the sports associations that are registered on Idrottens ledarbank. By clicking on a sports association you can find information about the association, link to their website or facebook page etc. By clicking on “add friend” when you visit a user’s profile, you send a friend request. Once your request has been approved, you can contact the person / association through the message function which is found under my pages (“Mina sidor”).
Your user name, home county and your sport are visible to all members of Idrottens ledarbank. However, you can choose to hide other information for all members or choose to show only to users you are friends with. Do you wish to change your user name? Contact us at and we will help you.