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Idrottens ledarbank - A place for young leaders and sports associations


Idrottens Ledarbank, roughly translated, the Sports Leadership bank, is a project idea created by young people for young people. The idea comes from the youth council in Jämtland-Härjedalen sports federation (J-H) and a young leader from the J-H-Parasport Federation to create better conditions for recruiting young leaders. The idea is that Idrottens ledarbank will be an obvious meeting place for sports associations, clubs and young people in county of Jämtland-Härjedalen. The project is run by J-H sports federation, SISU Sports Education J-H and the General Heritage Fund (allmänna arvsfonden) in Sweden.


The J-H Sports federation has received indications from sports associations that the need for young leaders in sports associations and clubs is great. The swedish sports movement is largely based on the ideal power and the ideal leadership. To be a non-profit leader means to engage in the sports club for other reasons then work for a salary. Maybe to get to know new people and become a part of a Community, opportunity to develop yourself and your leadership by practise and education or you just want to help the sports club to offer Children and adolescents a great leisure time.

There are a lot of different tasks to work with in a sports club beside being the coach or trainer standing in the middle of the field or racingtrack telleing the athletes what we are going to do today. Sports clubs usually need people that can work in the board, different administration tasks, selling snacks and beverages during games/competitions, stewards or volunteers for example. Altough the number of non-profit leaders an dvolunteers in the swedish sports movemnet have been relatively stabil for some time it dont mean that sports club can stop looking for new leaders. In sweden almost 20% of the grown up population (16-74 years) are som kind of non-profit leader or volunteer in a sports club.

Surveys from the ungdomsbarometern show that many young people want to engage ideally in civil society activities, but few are questioned or do not dare to report their interest due to, among other things, lack of self-confidence or low self-esteem. One hope is that sports associations will take advantage of young people and their commitment and give them the opportunity to develop and feel appreciated and needed in their activities. The target group for the project is young people between the ages of 15-25, people over 25 years of age with disabilities and young people with an outside Nordic background.


Idrottens ledarbank will try to change this situation by acting as a meeting place. The idea is a digital bulletin board, linked from the sports federation’s website, where associations and young people can announce their need for leaders or their availability and willingness to be leaders and also be able to respond to the ads that are up or running continuously. The goal is to create an active and sustainable leadership portal that lives on after the end of the project through the J-H sports federation. To try to achieve that, Idrottens ledarbank will be designed according to thoughts, ideas and wishes from those who will use it, that is, sports associations and young people from our county. It will be a part of the work for the regeneration of non-profit leaders in sports associations.


Here you can read more about how Swedish sports clubs works and what it means to be a member in a sports club in several languages.